Prescribing Kynamro: Health Benefits, Dosage, and More

Then you should read this to know more about the drug and what its benefits are and see if it’s the right drug to use on you.

Uses of Kynamro

Kynamro is a medication that’s able to lower the cholesterol to the body. It’s commonly used for people who have homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia which is a hereditary disorder that causes high cholesterol count in your blood. 

The drug can also be used in other health problems if the doctor deems it that it’s necessary to use the medication.

Is it good for the body?

As the only purpose of the drug to the body is to decrease the cholesterol count, it should be noted that Kynamro is a very strong drug that can have the possibility of damaging the liver. This is why it’s important that drinking alcohol should be prohibited while taking this drug.

Exact Dosage

The proper dosage of Kynamro is usually once every week during the same day. If you manage to miss your dose during that week, you should directly call your doctor to wait for further instructions.

The area that is injected every time you take a dose of it should be different every week to avoid complications.

Things to Avoid

It’s important to avoid intake of fatty or high cholesterol types of food when you’re going through with this medication as it will lower the effects of the drug.

And avoid alcohol at all costs due to the high probability of damaging your liver. It’s also important that you shouldn’t inject it in areas of the skin with scars and tattoos.

Side Effects

It’s important to know the correct Kynamro prescribing information as there can be minor side effects that can happen when taking Kynamro like getting flu symptoms, feeling nauseous, and a headache. These symptoms are quite normal due to how strong the drug is. 

If any side effects that are much worse occur like the injection site getting a skin reaction or the flu-like symptoms worsens 2 days after the injection then you should immediately call your doctor to check if your body has a  bad reaction to the drug.

Drugs That Might Affect Kynamro

Other kinds of drugs can have the possibility of reacting with Kynamro. These drugs can be either prescribed or over the counter ones.

It should be important that you should tell your doctor about the kind of drugs that you intake so they can advise you to take a different kind of drug or continue with the medication.


Kynamro can be a very dangerous drug if not used properly due to how strong it is. It is used out of necessity for the people who have high cholesterol so they can lower it to a normal level. 

It’s best to be very vigilant about taking this drug and to ask your doctor if anything comes up while taking this medication.