Surgical Change of Penis Size After Surgery Without Any Outcomes.

Are you desperately unhappy with your penis size? Is your luck with your new penis pump floundering? If you are like me, you would know that most of the pleasure you give your partner with your radically improved penis size is strictly thanks to the contrast of different sensations and pleasure with your “standard” size. Another aspect is these products as they might claim to work or they might work but you can regenerate your penis size visually and it would also be the sexiest of your lives.

Yes, you might have seen so many so called advertised penis enlargement solutions, and come across one or two but I am sure you also would consider the following side effects.

-Pain in the penis


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Surgery involves the implantation of special weights, often by stretching the external ligaments, like a surgical device which would stretch the penis and give it the upgrade also. In erection, the penis would follow and after the surgery, it would come back as a short male organ having new length.

-Unpleasant diseases

Other benefit from surgical treatment is the additional length as well, and for the additional pleasure of the partner, it sticks with you on your side.

-No libido

Some users may report that after a little while they noticed that they no longer could maintain a maximum erection because of lack of sensation.


Another problem to encounter with surgery is numbness or numbness in the penis. This justified as a non covered concern because it can appear but could possibly not include the penis itself.

-Few erection

Some men have found this technique unsuccessful so they resorted to the use of pills or creams that does not provide erection but that can aid in providing a more full and rock hard erection with increased confidence with their lover.


Most men who undergo surgery for penile enlargement have reported that after only one week of surgery they experienced an inability to deal with an erection that lasted for several months and even several months before they were able to achieve an erection.