Why Diversity paves the way for brain tumor research

A substrate used for the definition of genetic diversity in stem cells of the human brain have been used by researchers around the world to uncover the genetic consequences of critical factors in early post-translational mouse brain tumor models. The researchers from the Universities of Southampton (UK) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) describe this extremely promising discovery as follows:- The PETMRI substrate contains signals from tens of thousands of genes in the given mouse models which is a substantial number compared to the human genome. The signals have been translated into numbers on the order of 20Omega-nitrogens. These levels are higher than the concentration found in most human cases of human brain tumor cancers and therefore good indicators for the effect of specific gene mutations in human patients. As it has been found that gene depth is associated with brain cancer it has a limited impact on the prognosis of the entity. The findings have been published in the top neuroscience journals Data Society and have been discussed at multiple scientific conferences in the last year.