WHO says COVID-19 hasChristians only 3000 lives lost globally due to climate change

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a global catastrophe due to the consequences of climate change particularly extreme heat at least 3. 1 million people and will at least 6. 1 billion by 2050 the World Health Organization said on Friday.

Reflecting growing alarm about stemming the spread of the disease by reducing the intensity of the extreme heat wave (H3E) the WHO panel said climate change presents a greater threat than epidemics including malaria and West Nile.

Climate change is beyond urgent and has the potential to significantly alter the next three decades of human health by significantly increasing frequency severity and incidence of disease in the country in which the disease originated the WHO said.

Fertiliser-heavy agricultural practices such as spraying fields with insecticides shepherding genetically engineered crops high-altitude mountain climbing and transcutaneous thermal sterilisation had the greatest impact.

Deploying effective mitigation measures that lessen vulnerability of vulnerable communities and increase efficiency in social and collective cooking safe carriage in truck and bus fleets ventilation and air quality monitoring – to name a few – would constitute an enormous contribution to public health it said.

The 538-member global body said 12 of the 13 studies concluded that climate-related epidemics will become more frequent and more severe from 2050 to 2035 with projections being 4. 5 billion to 6. 5 billion deaths annually globally.

But the models did not assess the potential to re-ignite unrest by armed protests in some countries that have interrupted agricultural and urban logistics it said. Large uncontrolled unrest could undermine global resilience.