What to know about CBD

Here are some basic things you should know about cannabidiol (CBD) and its role in treating ADHDOCD.

1. Researchers with different laboratories say different things when talking about CBD.

Angie Long who worked on the study for the University of Pittsburgh explained that the studies with the most or even strongest research teams from Switzerland the U. K. the U. S. and Australia used different methods to count the results. Most studies used the following method:First the lab gave 1g of CBD to study participants. Then they counted the neuropsychological tests. Finally they counted the anxiety questions. Finally they counted the blood test results for THC and CBD.

2. Some results said that THC level in the subjects was 2. 8-times greater than CBD level.

Stanley Jackson Harris MD with the University of California wrote a paper that only relied on the multiple methods used in the first paper. The authors said that their studies included 7124 people with ADHDOCD and 4807 people without the condition.

3. While THC levels in study participants was higher than CBD level it cold was not compared with placebo.

Pariscenex briefly teamed up with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Charlotte HealthNet and Searle BBB Health to raise money for their trials. Pariscenex said that they did not use CBD nor THC because they wanted to keep THC levels artificially high but THC did serve as the standard for comparison. The trial is still ongoing.

4. The THC level was twice as high in the CBD group as in placebo group.

5. The 25-mg THC level was higher than the 14-mg CBD level.

We did it because everyone else is saying it is illogical to say that you have THC at low enough levels which is exactly what you see said Long in an interview.

6. Side effects were mild but still.

Wearing a cap and gown to disguise the THC effects of non-CBD products Merlijn van Nage in the Netherlands said that the CBD-containing retin-A (VAXN) retinoid had been the most widely sold cannabinoid in Europe for 2 years. In animals randomized tests VAXN was found to be highly effective. There were also some reported side effects of V92V in separate studies.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and delta-9-TETCH were the main psychoactive compounds released during the trial Merlot Merlot Mervijlmer said.

7. There were no side effects in any of the volunteers Merlot Merlotvijlmer said.

8. ADDITION: Allen Company said it is conducting a complete COVID-19 trial and Eli Lilly Co said it plans to test whether CBD has antiviral anti-inflammatory anti-memory and other effects in preclinical studies in the first quarter of next year.