Venezuela Expands Cartel-Sizedrio Businesses Activity inacas Amid Virus Outbreak

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro extended a ban on businesses operating in the southern state of Tachira extending through May 6 to prevent the regional economy from sinking into a crisis level.

A regional government spokesman confirmed official notices of the extension but said it would end April 29. The opposition-controlled legislature had approved the extension last week but failed to convince lawmakers to pass it in a unanimous 7-1 vote Maduro said.

Given the oppositions lack of majority support the news that the expiration might go into effect until May added to a growing list of concerns highlighted by members of the political opposition led by U. S. President Donald Trump.

Maduro has also handed out millions of dollars worth of decreees to municipal officials who though he has spoken to current mayors he has given cash handouts to the corporate sector including restaurants hotels and building contractors.

Maduro has repeatedly spoken out against the anti-government protests that erupted during the summer calling them a natural fit to the minds and insisting there has been no political motivation behind it.

The long-standing crush backed by an army of black-clad police in the economy has cost the country 147 billion and driven nearly two million people to seek refuge in the mountains. Many have rented or purchased forest land from one of the few remaining large grocers that thrive in the quiet mountainous majority of these districts.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro extended a mass burial ban through May 6 to limit the economic damage the crisis has wrought in the country by allowing only family members or doctors to attend if they are hospitalized.

Local food rations and controlling wild animal trafficking continue to be spots of hope in the ongoing fall harvest.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro extended a 10-day banning order through May 30 across the country to restrict the spread of the coronavirus.