Universal flu vaccine now available in less than a week study shows

Today is the beginning of what could be a life-saving vaccine campaign for young and older people living with the influenza virus in Ireland.

The bronze-plated Universal Flu Immunisation Service (UFS) vaccine has now been available in cinemas in six Irish towns since April 10.

UFS has more than 80000 members worldwide. It was at first only offered to people aged between 15 and 64 and hence victims of severe influenza years but also applies to people 65 years and over.

It was suggested to sufferers of serious influenza infections that the vaccine would be a welcome addition to their preventive options.

As it is aimed at people with moderate and real influenza attacks UFS has a high rate of success in both viral hepatitis and COVID19. This test vaccine is delivered in one to four weeks. Principle protection may be available up to six months explained Dr Luca Zafagni CEO of UFS Ireland.

He pointed out that UFS is available to everyone aged 15 and older from 42 countries except for some – Bhutan – who require a passport or other travel document.

UFS Ireland director general Professor John Reid has fully understood the appeal of family members of people affected by the illness. UFS Ireland members and staff are delighted to help people find a way to protect their families and friends while we continue to build capacity for COVID19 and ASV use among the Irish community he explained.

As UFS Ireland still offers the widest coverage it has already seen positive results in treating more than 5400 people who have tested positive for COVID19 who were hospitalised.

Similarly UFS Ireland is seeking to increase infection will it in a first ever global event in which it will offer UCRIID – UCIMIAD – as an alternative more easily available vaccine to make a home-based vaccine in collaboration with the Voluntary Organisations Supporting Immunisation and Vaccine Conservation Group.