Understanding the Policy Options for the 2019 Presidential election

New Brunswick N. J. February 11 2020 — State governments across the United States are calling on governors to adopt a robust election campaign schedule during the 2020 New Jersey presidential election which is set to kick off on Monday April 6.

For the past decade New Jerseys Department of Health and Human Services annually reports to the World Health Organization (WHO) and identifies mortality risk for people under 65 years old at months and translates into increased death and disability during a four month election period.

When Spring arrives well be ready for Spring said Stephanie Kere director of the Office of Housing Studies at the Department of Human Services in the State of New Jersey so that people can self-identify their party affiliation for the good of all and because theyre at home theyre able to vote.

The policies may not seem completely outlandish. In fact much like the national ban on the fast-food industry New Jersey began blocking the sale of all alcoholic beverages in the state in January 2010 with the intent of reducing alcohol-related liver disease mortality.

The increase in alcohol use occurred after voters struck a critical plank in the Democratic ticket common in both parties by upholding the 15-and-over domestic drinking age.

Still supporters of Vice President Joe Biden were disappointed that Biden a former Democrat decided to withdraw due to COVID-19 in a blog post detailing his healthcare history and his support for making medical marijuana available to seriously ill adults. Supporters of former Governors Kristi Noem and Phil Scott also expressed disappointment that Biden pledged to overturn abortion restrictions that the U. S. Supreme Court struck down in Roe v. Wade. In a secondary letter the California Nurses and Per-ATN Nurses Association voiced its opposition to the Biden withdrawal.

The Department cautioned that the identification process and the campaign messaging based on it may increase the number of eligible voters if the space is already occupied by someone who votes there.

Among the proposed steps: encouraging residents of the affected counties to vote at home and

providing free registered absentee ballots to those who cant physically travel to the poll.

The University of New Jersey Health System (UH) will be sponsoring two 21-day computer risk assessment days Friday March 16 and Saturday March 17 among 500 members. UHhealth online March 17 2020. UHhealth. nj.nih.gov.