UC San Diego Health Expands Equality and Inclusion zones on social media platform

Recent ISIL-inspired announcements regarding the termination of segregated bike lanes and the hiring of on-arrival nurse emergency care have prompted UC San Diego Health to expand its social media presence now available in Spanish in both Propositions 2 and 3. With these announcements the organization aims to promote its work and drivers for inclusion and visibility.

This year there was a widespread delight in seeing ISIL announce their intention to end segregated bike lanes in San Diego from Wednesday morning said Brenu Krueger founder and president of UC San Diego Health. UCSD Health announced the changes in San Diego in May following years of running limited-time bike lanes in the San Diego Country and City. Since then UCSD Health riders have shared that they are looking forward to use the newly expanded platforms to contribute to events to organize bike rides and to express their support for pro-LGBTs rights. We are honored by this opportunity to be part of the LGBTQ community bridging the world and supporting pro LGBT health added rider Shea Montgomery Cole.

The initiative to expand data collection linking and containing the information already collected in its online and social media presence was recently launched by a board of directors composed of local LGBT-affirming professionals. Affirmative action and representation are already in place for UCSD Health which currently works exclusively with members of the Del Monte LGBT Center for Gender Sexual Minority Advocacy. As part of this initiative UCSD Health is capturing content from YouTube Instagram Facebook and Twitter embedding that content in its news and feature articles which will be promoted to its loyal LGBT members. Digital content will be visible on UCSD Healths Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our recent work in support of CoGOD and Equal Rights has touched on the importance of pro-LGBT educational content and LGBTQ outreach and we are confident that UCSD Health will continue pro-LGBTcentric content efforts said Kerri Dowling MD chief of UCSD Healths Transgender Medicine Surgery and Development division and Vivian L. H. Boehner Professor. Other organizations represented within UCSD Healths LGBT-affirming workforce are the Center for HIV Medicine and its acronym The Advocate the Coalition of HIV Medicine Clinicians of San Diego and its acronym the HIV Click Fund IBM Healthcare and Tu Know Foundation UCSD Graphic Arts: A Community of Color the LGBT Society and Pride Month with Pride San Diego and the Pablo Fernandez LGBT center at UC San Diego.