U.S. heart disease deaths top 500000: Reuters tally

U. S. deaths from heart disease rose in the past week to more than 500000 according to a Reuters tally highlighting the challenge in stemming the current spike.

Topping the deaths list is the Czech Republic with over 447000 reported deaths followed by Brazil Ukraine and the United Kingdom with over 431000.

The United States which has seen the number of Americans who died from heart disease climb to nearly 5 million is set to remain the third biggest killer behind Britain and the United States with over 421000 deaths.

The U. S. death toll rose by at least 5. 3 over the past week to over 500000 the highest in industrialized countries the Reuters analysis found.

In recent years heart disease diagnoses have been rising in more affluent and racially and economically diverse communities which has increased the likelihood of patients dying from a heart arrhythmia which arises when the heart is pushed to work too hard.

In response to the Reuters analysis the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute said that it will begin arming some of its research community to tackle the threat of heart disease.

That update will be published soon in a news release. Heart failure deaths are trending down climbing past the 500000 for the first time since the start of the outbreak.