Trump uttersNigerias praises as Africa begins_ Congo Health burst on latest coronavirus hygiene show

Dr. Peter Salama the WHOs Africa region representative in charge of monitoring African health systems spent half an hour teleconferencing with President Ndiaye Diaye on Wednesday when he congratulated her and her husband on taking on the new mission of spot-checking African hospitals in Africa early on the outbreak.

Such teams of local health workers he said have gained legitimacy under pressure for their effective and low-cost management of an enormous population of people who have been infected by COVID-19 the disease caused by the coronavirus that causes them.

I talked with them two hours Thursday morning in our telephone conversation. I gave them a very nice message and I said you are doing wonderful work. I said thank you guys and also to you and your family during this short time I spent with you Salama told a regular news briefing in Geneva.

We could see you enjoying cooking with their stomachs who could not eat again. We ate something together and we ate with you.

He talked about Ebola and Congos wealthy neighbor despite various roadblocks struck by numerous African militaries in providing financial logistical and medical support to African country forces undertaking joint counter-insurgency operations.

We have been united and my impression was of the leadership is of the joint effort. And they put in the effort.

Salama said he had made it clear during their teleconferences that the WHO and others working on the prevention (. . . ) are autonomous (and) they do to be guided by their own priorities to eliminate COVID (. . . ) it is their decision how well the disease is controlled and the disease ends.

And he spoke highly of Mdecins Sans Frontires an humanitarian group that is helping combat the new coronavirus outbreak in Congo.

I was talking to them last night. I spoke very nice thing Salama said. The kindness of that person was important. The organization made an official request that they would offer poison in cooperation with the Congolese government there.

Relays Rishgiwek described in her blog how Salama gave her blood.

Dr. Salama said he was very happy that we were able to receive him in the hospital in the pyjana in one of the least damage (. . . ) he thanked us for helping him Rishgiwek wrote.