Trump emergencies travel ban on German, Irish travellers: conference

The Trump administration is reviewing a previous ban on travel by U. S. citizens on the grounds that some Europeans are more vulnerable than Americans, a White House official said on Sunday.

The U. S. State Department has canceled all travel to several European countries, including Germany, following unfair and discriminatory bans imposed on the country two decades ago.

The Trump administration is considering restricting travel by U. S. citizens on the basis that some Europeans are more vulnerable than Americans, three people familiar with the matter said Friday.

The new consideration came after a White House official defended Monday’s ban on visas on grounds that it does not discriminate based on religion.

The possibility of the Christie administration imposing visa bans has outraged immigrant-rights activists and dismayed German and Irish lawmakers wary of Germany’s tough entry-exit stance.

The deportations of thousands of migrant children from Eastern Europe in the 1990s became a bitter political issue in Germany. The last respite was in 2002 with critical border controls along the porous territory of the Channel Islands.

Last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the ban on passports and visas for her own citizens was long overdue after the vast majority of the citizens were German permanent residents as of 2012.