The surprising and the good

It may be too soon to say the summer of the coronavirus is a good time to not drink. What do chills happen to the nervous system after a few good days? There are some evidence suggesting that too much water will give everyone a good nights rest and now scientists are advising people not to worry too much about drinking too much this year.

According to research published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports the causal link between a dullness caused by dehydration and cyber sickness has become more and more apparent. Its a classic case of the cold the immune system gets to work faster and you feel a little better after a few weeks.

Even though the concept of cyber sickness is not quite as new as some would have us believe your brains cells need some time to recover after your physical body has gone unnoticed for a while. As a result you get dizzy having a myriad of dizziness headache pounding heart and difficulty breathing.

Published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports this particular study suggests that the symptoms of cyber sickness especially if not taken as seriously as some people might believe can be more serious than we think!

The study also says that cell communication as our mental organs are the main method of connecting with each other and this way has become very well characterized. Meaning your brain even does not even require extra power when in hibernation mode. It doesnt need to think about the fact that the brain is still engaged in processes that are beneficial to life. Also unlike the case with the flight of the body the information and thoughts collide with the nervous system and these powerful communications are in the system of our minds.