Sunlight because of biology may help defenses against HPV shown to protect against cancer

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 11 2019) — This figure may help stem cell biologists efforts to protect their weapons against cancers. HPV or human papillomavirus is a leading cause of cervical cancer. Researchers have shown that when using beams of sunlight to create artificial tumors using Cervarist cells from the Glioblastoma Multicentre in Cancer they found that the cells recognized and eliminated cancer cells more successfully than would be possible on an as-is basis.

The use of artificial humanized specialized human tumor-in-a-tank cancer diagnostics is being investigated by working investigators to increase the effectiveness of Cervarist cells in oncology said David Einhorn MD PhD at the Glioblastoma Multicentre and director of the Glioblastoma Research Program at the Los Angeles campus of Cedars-Sinai. In this work we have performed the first tests with untreated cancer cells in F1-F2 cancer using Cervarist cells.

Einhorn an adjunct investigator in the CLH Expedition to the Genitourinary Oncology Center at Cedars-Sinai said With our studies we hope to enhance the usefulness of our cell source HPV- and HPV-related cancer-related cytotoxic agents.