Study: Women whootine for pleasure get more satisfaction out of theirselves

Women who smoke for pleasure as an orgasm reward were more satisfied and valued their sexual activity due to the decision to reportedly give up cigarettes according to new research published in the International Journal of Impotence.

James McGrath professor of psychology at the University of New South Wales and senior author of the study.

James McGrath Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales and senior author of the study.

McGrath and his co-authors Emma Wills and Alison McEvoyo from Haymarket Research and Services a gay-straight alliance (KQA) support unit in Barnaby Joyces House in Sydney conducted a brief-controlled experiment in which heterosexual women either smoked for pleasure or abstained from cigarettes in a laboratory setting while watching a 90-second video clip of a woman receiving a sexually charged sexual experience.

The research team presented similar outcomes when these participants were forced to choose between nicotine withdrawal or not by physically withdrawing from a pack.

We found that women who smoked for pleasure but who simultaneously abstained from cigarettes received more satisfaction pleasure and value when receiving a sexually charged sexual experience (results: Nicotine withdrawal) which was both rewarding and motivated (value spring to mind) said McGrath.

He acknowledged that this study relies on participants sexual experiences and that it was outrageous for us to admit that someone would even contemplate human sexuality as a sexual experience but the researchers insisted the findings were highly relevant to the current backdrop of rising public awareness – and evolving tobacco harms and that any negative long-term impact of smoking could be mitigated by quitting tobacco.