Stroke capsule effective in reducing spread of colon cancer

A small capsule made from elasticized collagen fibers has been found to be an effective way to reduce the risk of colon cancer spreading to the liver and reducing the chance of cancer being passed from mother to daughter.

The Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) conducted the study of polymer particles containing two inhibitors of the BCL-2 gene which were found to be the most effective in reducing the number of lymphomas and reducing the spread of patients with colon cancer.

Polio is the most dangerous class of cancer resulting in both a significant number of deaths and long-term costs. The use of this capsule to reduce the risk of cancer spreading to other organs is an important step in research into this cancer.

Unnori Kawasaki Head of the Comte DiMolecular Physiology Lab in the Cell Molecular Biology and Immunology department of the CNIO.

The study led by the Comte Di researchers also involved the CNIOs Oncology Unit Ayerlab in collaboration with Sbarro Institute (San Sebastin) and the National Hospital Building (San Sebastin directed by the CNIO and led by the university of Barcelona and Barcelona Center for Cancer). The research results show that these novel micronized adjuvants have the potential to prevent cancer spread to other organs by leveraging this promising therapeutic field. said Dr Yutaka Saito director of the Comte DiMolecular Physiology Lab.