Spains daily coronavirus infections hit highest in a month

Spain reported 15769 new infections of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours marking the highest daily tally since April 1 when the country began introducing lockdowns across large parts of the country.

Health authorities reported another 132 deaths bringing the total deaths to 199923 after rising by just a few hundred for the fifth day running.

The tolls do not include additional fatalities from suspected cases although Spain is intensifying its testing strategy. Authorities further pushed back the total number of cases by 89 to about 260850 providing a count of fatalities which under scrutiny because the country should have had 28471 cases already.

The majority of Spains confirmed cases are linked to gathering in closed-off ranks of makeshift care homes where people had come to be cared for if they had the flu-like illness caused by the virus.

The national statistics institute gave a lower death toll than the region which is in a bubble at the edges of the countrys fragmented absorbing metro areas that are underlined by the close proximity of the countrys ageing population.

Under-counts were placed on new cases of the virus so that 20 deaths are accounted for by those who died in care homes rather than by confirmed infections.

The Madrid government announced on its website that a total of 197232 people were infected by the virus a 10th figure compared with the large correction model it had been predicting.

Nigeria whose figures decreased in the past few days following criticism by public health officials added another 10529 cases of infection for a total of 28460. Nigeria had 22168 cases as of reaching 15509 on April 21 – 7645 less than the previous day.