Social shares and mobile movements matter

Cyber social media can be a powerful tool for informing ones political choices two-thirds of women infer online while 62 percent of men do the same a survey of more than one million people suggests.

But social medias influence may not be limited to politics. One third of participants in the survey also indicated that they interact with social media in some way such as reading news articles or responding to messages.

Get feedback from range. Simply saying how youre doing may be enough said O uailyouini one of the researchers.

Some people will seem to be better at tweeting or reading news articles but that is not the case she said adding that the same things that people tend to read will also influence them.

Social media may be a useful tool in helping ones personal choices the study authors discovered in a survey involving more than 1000 people. A version of this story previously appeared on BIDMCs Opinion section.

Recently TV talk show host Corday Dawson said she prefers Twitter Facebook and Instagram to her Facebook page because she is able to interact with her followers and get an update on a viral YouTube video she posted in response to a demand for help recovering OG Sean Patterson.

On Wednesday FiveThirtyEight profile producer Mark Titus said tweeting is the one tool thats uncool to politicians.

What people do online can also affect them in person he said urging people to deal with it. While the survey is a relatively new field and one that requires advanced psychological skills Tina Bouman senior director of digital marketing at the Outdoor Education and Recreation Alliance said it is an interesting research method that may help in generalizing.

Its really engaging to think about Bouman said. You get results very quickly.

To be more specific Bouman predicted that the 2014 presidential contest could show a decisive flip nationally with 81 percent of the electorate supporting some kind of overhaul of the electoral system.

I think the campaigns are smart to explore digital because its a subtle kind of disenfranchising for a lot of people she said.

Although social media has largely escaped the full-scale erosion that currently grips most other media Bouman said its reach remains subdued.

When people look at how much people are using it its not a lot Bouman said. I dont think it reaches that high.

Still she said it may be useful to consider the impact that the digital element might have on supporting ones choices.

She suggested that anyone who tweets their way to the White House the next weekend perhaps should take a page from Tw001 a book by libertarian political commentator George C. Wallace that discusses how technology allows people to drastically enhance their lives.

The latest social media findings indicate that people are absorbing social media more than ever before especially in the face of sweeping social media restrictions.

Bouman said the lack of outlets on computers smartphones and tablets along with curbs on its distribution are affecting how people interact with social media.