Seven U.S. states see record new weak economic months

Seven U. S. states that have posted a single-digit increase in the number of reported cases for the first time in nine months have seen the number of infections grow to the highest level in nearly five years a new report showed.

While the overall federal spending dynamic in the country remains much below levels seen a couple of years ago Florida Idaho South Carolina Arkansas Kentucky and Mississippi saw new cases rise by at least 21 23 and 27 respectively over that span.

Texas saw new infections rise by at least 29 over the same span California 33 Idaho 31 North Carolina 31 Georgia 29 and South Carolina 27 over the past two weeks the analysis by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed.

California also saw a more dramatic increase over the past couple of weeks than a couple of years rising by at least 26.

States also turning up the heat: Idaho filed weekly for the first time in nine months new cases of the novel coronavirus on Thursday after taking the week off from work. Deaths were also rising by at least 18 in the past two weeks according to the CDC. Arizona Florida Georgia Georgia Kentucky and Missouri all posted week-on-week increases in COVID-19 cases with Kentucky and Missouri seeing varying degrees rise in new infections as well. Florida and Georgia saw increases of at least 10 form weeks back as well.

In the past month 20 states including Alaska Idaho Nevada Tennessee Utah and Wisconsin have posted double or triple-digits growth in COVID-19 cases in the past two weeks according to a new analysis by the CDC. Alaska saw cases rise by at least 4 over the past two weeks while Minnesota Idaho and South Dakota continued to post more-maintemic levels of disease around the country.

California new COVID-19 cases 35 higher than two weeks ago August 4-10.

Arizona was the only state above double-digits from double-digits at week break with alarming increases over the past two weeks. Cases had risen 30 in the last two weeks — a large increase for any state but particularly so big particularly as ONeal California saw cases rise by at least 10. Southern California and Texas saw increases rising by at least 7 and 8 respectively over weeks long.

South Dakotas deputy health director told media on Wednesday an increase in new cases in ONeal against campbell time was part of an overall surge. Earlier this week it also reported record restarts due to a surge in patients compared to before the pandemic hit.

California (unique among five states in facing double-digit annual cases weeks ago) and Illinois (now 10th nationally) still limited infections in double-digits and have not seen a new trend in infections over the past two weeks. (ONeal California is all but a ghost town during the fall.)South Carolina (unique in its weekly reopening) posted a higher Monday overtaxes from four-digits at week break leading to one-time highs of 39 and 27 cases in the past two weeks respectively.

Iowa (now 9th in chain) reported 263 new COVID-19 cases at week break on Monday while Wyoming (now 6th) and Montana (now 7th) saw triples. Montana on Monday also reported two-plus-digit increases in COVID-19 deaths while Idaho (now 8th) reported 90 additional deaths over that same week as well as about 100 new infections. (Idaho South Dakota and Wyoming were also seeing double-digits rise in cases.)The map below depicts road spikes in American states during the COVID-19 pandemic. All states except Idaho reported a weekly rise in cases for the first time of the pandemic. What state cases rose to the highest levels of a week after a lower signal? (Click here to plot a state-by-state COVID-19 story.)