Scientists Breakthrough 1 Million Science Fairgoesool!

How lucky researchers at the 2017 American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Scientific Clinical Expo will be recognized October 11-13 by their peers at Arizona State University in Tempe.

The long-standing event which is sponsored by the Arizona Foundation for Science and Technology is an award given each year to several leaders in the fields of sleep medicine and neurosciences. Winners will be recognized during the events September science fair opening on October 11th. The science fair will be held at the award agencys home facility the National Science Foundation in Arlington Virginia and is predicated on funding science and discoveries that are fundamental to the advancement of current medical knowledge.

As one of the largest sleep medicine conferences in the nation the AASMs annual science and sleep education fair will feature networking opportunities with world-renowned sleep experts from Arizona Colorado Florida Georgia North Carolina and New Mexico some of the most inhospitable regions for people of all ages. The theme is Sleep also represents mobility and freedom and Sleep is the first step in becoming a fully-rounded human. To mark the grand opening of the fair the AASMs management team will host an 8-hour one-hour-a-day science segment featuring material that can help inspire strong young scientists to achieve their personal destination through the science fair-an approach that will be shared groomed and tested for peer review by expert sleep doctors like Rick Rubin PhD president and founder of Sleep Research Alliance (SRA) and faculty member at ASU and Rory Salzwedel PhD an Effective Leadership Fellow in ASUs Department of Medicine and other ASU faculty and fellow attendees. Provisions to be given away as short-term events with some additional activities will be made available including candy makes face paint hand-made items and other festive items that will be provided by SRA volunteers through October 10 2017.

The event will feature talks by 45 abstracts and conference presentations that focus on the science of sleep and related topics. Moreover 126 research sessions will be available to credentialed media and their digital content will be streamed to games mobile applications and other entertainment platforms through the newly-formed ASU Research Computing and Science Team the new ASU Research Computing and Science Team Learning community and Office of Incubating Science Director. Speakers are eager to connect with key media outlets about the ultimate goal of the science fair which is to foster research foster collaboration and foster anthropologys new look feel and school across Arizona Utah and Nevada with the goal of celebrating new beginnings.

This project is sound class funded by ASU Excellence in Leadership Development Grant and matching resource funding will be available for a number of educational initiatives that help create the best learning experience for children youth and their caregivers.