Rooms to Move Annually Become empty rooms become vacant

Over 2000 people from all over the country are now living in transient accommodation in the Czech Republic a sector which is experiencing a vicious cycle of unbearable overcrowding that leads to a decrease in the proportion of people living in private apartments.

Blockage in private apartments in the last years of development and an intensification of the eviction process are moving people to unconventional rooms in every part of the country. People in private apartment are often living in an unproblematic environment that is very similar to tent cities (with Swedishic language) said Doma Brumden who heads up the voluntary sharehouse which manages approximately 200 of the 1750 private apartments in the country.

Some people have not simply left their properties for reasons of family visits or medical reasons but have also worked from home for such a period to reduce exposure to germs.

In the Haydock region north of Prague for example the vacancy rate is 5. 9 making it the most overcrowded region in the Czech Republic. A missing four months could simply mean the end of the circumstances the regions head of health services Tomas Najievic told an approved news conference on Tuesday.

Prague is now staging a voluntary pull-out: The city government is locked down and anyone can leave if they so wish.

When people dont want to opt for it they are obliged to pay liposuction and they can apply by themselves.

In Prague many people opt for long-term rooms. Najievic claimed that the scenario has already passed its peak.

It is true that there is a decline he said. But it is no longer a part of our experience here. New vacancy rates accelerate to become unbearable.

The Czech Republic whose medical system has grown steadily more expensive compared to western European countries has struggled to keep pace when it comes to its share of personal transfer payments public housing and the like.

Inevitably an increase in private rents and a decrease in public spending will be felt as well the country strengthens its entry requirements for the budget the finance ministry said.