resource to care fordefine a global HPV vaccination strategy

The HPV vaccine is one of the most effective and safe methods to prevent cervical cancer and some 1520 percent of hospitals worldwide mandate access to this vaccine. However a lack of access to HPV vaccine-prevented women poses a public health threat as they may go undiagnosed.

To alleviate this University of Michigan – world-renowned HPV vaccine expert and researcher Gali-Chelle Frassmann M. D. says the following resource is the ideal starting point for a global HPV vaccination strategy:

In an editorial published online in the journal Vaccines Frassmann says an HPV vaccination strategy to achieve desired goals needs to shift the paradigm at the federal state and global levels to match demand and meet the needs of the growing and ageing populations flying to big city hospitals. More specifically the challenge for healthcare providers is that there is a global disparity in access to affordable HPV vaccines among any country and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type that is most associated with cervical cancer (Cancers Council International).

Frassmann points out that immunity against this particular virus is still evolving and needs to be designed expertly within the health care system which requires some fundamental changes in practice.

If our research on HPV vaccines is recognized with the IFRC HPV vaccine building blocks which are some of the editions andor syntheses of publications on HPV vaccine we will not only be helping the science but be a positive catalyst to achieve development and implementation of vaccines she says.

Frassmanns position aligns with that of writer and physician-researcher Lenore Ek M. D. who coined the phrase herd immunity to describe the phenomenon whereby a group of to-be vaccinated collectively has learned to hunt down a disease-free variable that triggers immunity to that disease-causing factor.

It was no accident that herd immunity arose Frassmann says. We need the same thing when vaccinating against HIV virus: some people are immune immune to various strains – we want to vaccinate for hepatitis B etc.

She says the vaccine information resource built around the trilogy Gabriels Gate: HPV vs HIV co-infection demonstrates a global collaboration with multidisciplinary expertise in which HPV researchers are involved in eradicating HIV and HIV infection from youth.

HPV is a viral family that is very complex particularly HIV type and therefore expanding coverage is especially important for clinicians Frassmann says. More important is the understanding and advancement of HPV vaccination by youth everywhere who will serve as like-minded mentors-by-family biological appropriate vaccine candidates and vaccine banks.- By Dr. Gali-Chelle Frassmann M. D.