Opinion: Whats our stock exchange?

Changes in the way the coronavirus vaccine is priced worldwide may not stop other biomedicine-related vaccines from germinating MSCA said on Monday.

Prices of influenza vaccines on the pharmaceutical market which havent been updated in decades have surged since late March.

In theory the rise in price of a coronavirus vaccine should quickly end the supply glut and bolster growth of a precious sector of the global pharma market MSCA analyst Orly Sachs said.

Thats a natural cycle Sachs told Reuters. You get a new strain on the market and you could push it up 10 years.

Sachs forecast the generic influenza vaccine market to grow at its fastest rate over the next decade from 4-5 an average year to 16.

To maintain the growth well need slowing down in other diseases and conditions that are also under G20 pressure said Sachs. He noted that the global pandemic created conditions for a so-called multicenter spread of other viruses. HIGH RISKThe AGM was the first in a series of interactions leading up to the World Health Organisation summit in September. There were almost 600 participants and delegates from 68 organizations and at least half of the invitations came from India the United States the European Union and Mexico.

Once the event is over the AGM leaders said it was conceivable the volume of generic flu shots could double or triple. There are currently no effective vaccines or antiviral agents approved by the GAVI vaccine alliance.

In view of the recent increase in global supply it is important to continue to monitor the situation GAVI executive Hans von der Ley said here earlier in the day.

After the AGM Treasure Asia a Hong Kong-listed biotech firm investing 100 million in three years said it was looking for help within three days to ramp up its flu shot production after indications of trouble with its production.

In the United States biotech group Aimmune Bio and its Cann Pharmaceuticals voted to leave the GAVI drug preparation market after the companys opioid growth abuse and addiction trial portion was paused.

As the tide turns against the pandemic MS Fund Management manager Glen Austin said he expects his biotech equities to chip pull down by the significant hundreds of dollars they sold as of June 5 after trading at a multiple of 10000-120000.

So having bought 40 million in equities over a decade is going to go by the wayside because weve had a pretty good run Austin said.

Last week ABB Holdings said it would supply naloxone injectables and Naloxone-reversing gum approved for emergency use.

It is not known how well counterfeiters are using those tools.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration arrested nearly 400 people and seized 300000 yuan worth of counterfeit drugs and equipment connected to the new recall as well as counterfeit laboratory supplies.

The annual flu shot recall raised 33 million after companies halted sales of sold-out products.