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Ochsner Medical Center one of the first behavioral health clinics in the U. S. to bring together behavioral health and behavioral health care today announced the formation of its first Diversity Council which seeks to broaden the current membership base of behavioral health professionals to promote gender equity particularly on the front lines of a society where fewer women are in medicine than men.

As displaced professionals and those who tend to receive care traditionally in behavioral medicine where women tend to enter medicine more often Ochsner Medical Center has positioned itself as a positive role model providing a robust and vital crossing point for women in behavioral medicine.

Dr. Sherronda Welsh MS CNSC Director of Practice and Head of the Clinical Practice Development Committee of Ochsner Medical Center who joined the service as the first female director in Behavioral Health.

U. S. News World Report magazine ranked Ochsner Medical Center first in Minnesota Nebraska and Oklahoma for the first time ever in 2018. Read more in Discoveries Magazines August 2018 issue here.

Ochsner Medical Center is twenty-first in the Walt Disney World Park Tours travel award list where it currently sits alongside Highland Park in Clearwater Florida for providing in-depth visits and more custom experiences for guests from around the world.

As part of the Diversity Council Ochsner Medical Center will host educational games an annual luncheon reception and other educational information events with a goal of opening a space that reflects the diverse demographic of its new members.

The Diversity Council first announced in August is a platform for members of the behavioral health community to network and form professional networks via online forums. Member organizations will remain in touch. Counselors will be available to assist members of the community whenever relevant information is moved or needs to be shared.

Dines and Info will host both an emergency response and events related to the arrival of new programs and staff and the opening of new facilities as the evening begins. For additional information we are now offering access to the Diversity Council on Facebook or Twitter TOURISTSFD and shotsfd.

Bill Meyers MD Chief Executive Officer about Ochsner Medical CenterDines and Info founded in 1855 is a Minnesota-based nonprofit that provides a highly-regarded and convenient setting for foot knee hand and foot orthopedic surgery diabetes mental health and athletic recovery and rehabilitation care. Since 1912 our mission has been to train and prepare people to maintain and support independence for themselves their families and to reduce health care costs.

Located in Rochester Minnesota Ochsner Medical Center has expanded from a community clinic serving about 900 people in 2016 to include more than 70000 in 2018. Ochsner Medical Center now serves patients the Brookdale (Brookdale Minnesota) Jefferson (Minnetka Minnesota) Saint Louis (St Louis Minnesota) Eagan (Eagan Minnesota) and Sturgis (Saint Louis Missouri). Ochsner Medical Center is a completely integrated full-service Institute with 34 unique clinical programs and a network of other community clinics. Ochsner Medical Center is recognized in the National Academies of Medicine Assessments for the Quality of Care and Quality Outcomes. Ochsner Medical Center operates five medical centers and more than 200 outpatient facilities in 18 states and Washington D. C.