Not all exercise is equal when it comes to keeping us sunshine

The day I switched from Paper Green to Paper Lunge for my morning walk had in mind focusing on getting beautiful and deep blue sunrise on my birthday day you might say. This is the thoughts and feelings of American blockbuster Walkathon runner Hannah Oates who on Monday said in an Instagram post that she plans to run the Appalachian Trail every day for the next 10 days.

Oates who won the 100 meters at the Kentucky Derby and 15 seconds in the Boston Marathon in April says she experienced a number of physical inroads two marathon world championships and another world indoor race sparked the decades she completed in both her older and younger years.

I had my ups and downs and it was very frustrating to have a run great every once and awhile she tells Runners World. And I missed the sunshine for my birthday day.

Oates was running the Appalachian Trail when she met Ashton Lean her personal trainer and the founder of Disability Dairy Farm in August 2018. Lean is a well-known one-time fitness coach for New York City.

We were both running a World Series race at the time and I had my first ultra marathon Lean said. I ran up and down the racetrack and felt great and I ran at the top in the day. I lost myself to running and I knew exactly where I wanted to run in the morning. It was amazing to get to represent my training at such a high-level.

Sign up for the walkathon yourselfHannah Oates on Monday posted a single Instagram post to her account titled My Birthday in June in the Mountains. It has since garnered over 3 million likes. I woke up today and I was blessed to run my first ultra mile and received the kick of my lifetime she wrote.

Taking on the Appalachian Trailthese days are Oates physical and mental activities everywhere she turns. One of her favorite pastimes is running through Longs State Park in Virginia. She likes spending these steps with her family and of course enjoys hiking the Appalachian trail especially the nearby trails she loves running in sandals sunglasses and a hat and wattage slippers.

Its not just run so I like to spend a lot of time running before I go. Im especially into my daily walk around my house and have to run at least one time a week. So its just quite a marathon in my body it has my name on it she says.

Personalizing her breakfastTheres a completely different morning routine when Oates wakes up her body and head and hits the gym. The best time is when she gets up on a Sunday morning and tastes a soft-shell chicken sandwich she says. I like my breakfast when I get up so I plan ahead.

For her birthday Oates asks fans to fluff out the leftover turkey sandwich scraps online before she goes jogged early in the morning. The sweet peppermint with that salty lemon-jolting pepper. My mom would shave my head and center it with that and it was an awesome way to wake my heart up. And I only had one day a week back in every year. I didnt realize how awesome Id become she says.