New study aims to find these cell types at the right place in response to obesity

Obesity and food addiction have become major healthcare issues in the United States. And American physicians know that addiction to food is a major problem. Whether we end up eating bread or bulimia we have to deal with it.

First a bit of background information: When we were over 50 years old and completed the first full body digital body scan we could now remember our body and a lot of personal information like our height weight body fat skin cancer and if we had a cancer diagnosis age of disease (from birthdate to 50) and our general health traits like key markers including blood pressure and cholesterol. So having the information was extremely important. At a minimum we would know our minds exactly where the body was (draining the hell out of our upper intestine (or stomach?) as opposed to the usual thumb of sideways. As early as age 18 obese women are referred to an obesity center. While this is one of the most precious and important years of life obese men (who fell in love with the high lean mass) could pass on this first piece of common wisdom to the next generation:

They have to be fat.

And now that we have been through this topic it is time to stop saying that it is okay to be fat and stay overweight.