Multi-institutional organization works to advance the health of mental health patients at CF event

Watch 2 Live: Reality checks on Clarys Group suffering from depression.

Clarys Group the largest independent mental health professional scholarship and referral service in the state of New York has joined an impressive list of mental health professionals to host an evening in support of their work offering consumers vital support in dealing with emotional distress related to an illness or addiction.

The evening sponsored by Clarys will be held on Friday Sept. 9 and will be a virtual reality check session covering a topic spanning the lifecycle of addiction anxiety disorders early warning signs of depression and traumatic injuries psychopathy and bullying. It will include professional therapists family members of survivors and close friends of a loved one with a mental health disorder psychiatrists and psychiatrists as well as some government agencies human rights advocates government and legal employees.

The event will host speakers addressing issues from a variety of professionals and will have a breakout session by Dr. Robin Rubin director and director emeritus at Clarys the senior director at Louis Stokes VA and associate director for research at the Ronald Meagher DuPont Institute for Mental Health at Roy Mitty. The event is to be held at 7:30 p.m.