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Moderna Inc. the maker of medical marijuana has built their rsum of employes rsums and social media profiles. In a new effort Moderna also developed new content with relevant analytics to populate its employes rsums and social media profiles as well as recommended personal traits.

Instantly upon lifting a glass of bud and seeing the evidence we realized we could transform our employer and business by building PR content and skills development tools that are more helpful and relevant to both employees and businesses today said Brian Wilson the Chief Marketing Officer of Modernas Oregon Cannabis Business Division in a press release.

Moderna based in Arcadia Oregon is one of the first producers of medical marijuana in the United States and the first large-scale wholesale distributor of MMJ and CBD. It will return to North America in late 2018. Moderna recently celebrated its success of licensing its patent portfolio to Canvas Media a privately-held company based in downtown Los Angeles.

Moderna also announced a new simplified and more portable production line production program which is open to MAs engineers and small-business operators. The goal is to be able to produce all of its urologic products sooner than traditional automated machinery or software that manually handles shifts.

Modernas post-mortem The End of Weed event will be held March 10-13. In partnership with MythTV Moderna and Canni Ventures the event will feature speakers and a beginner developed training program for journalists. Contemporary Hangout a venue located in Santa Monica dedicated to cannabis will direct media inquiries. Former sports king Tiger Woods will tweet his thoughts on the line Everything I left Behind Effectively Survived 72 Hours (when you smell weed) been fortunate to be with you for Grow (by you).