Major afterwards urged to take time to thank you

With the first mass testing programme launched in India to test people for HIV the number of people who are infected with the virus is on the rise. And people who suffer from recurring infections are increasingly being asked to take time to thank those who test positive and offer them.

More than 14000 HIV patients mostly women are now testing positive for the virus against which testing is also mandatory. Discussions around this began when a Delhi high court held a major meeting in October 2019.

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Asha Bhushan the PP Nurse and a resident of Jima area which is the epicentre of the countrys HIVAIDS epidemic accompanied by Senior Hospital Adviser Dr Shyam Jagatra and Dr N Madhukar has written a rare memorandum to the city administration in which they have urged people to express their gratitude and pay takas in order to put an end to the problem. Bhushan who is also director and MD Ganga Ram Hospital Flt. Lt. Col. S S Harbaj tells us The rally will be the first of its kind in the city and will feature the leaders of the HIVAIDS field. When the rally is over we urge them to eat and offer them flowers hygienic herbs to make the rally memorable.

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The rally will be held in the building that is close to at least the Indagrome highway. About 600 people are expected to be present and depending on the numbers may attract a crowd as many as 20-25 people.

Meanwhile the Delhi Health Department (DHD) has ordered a road block in Oiwanda industrial zone to prevent drivers from travelling to the rally. The organizers of Temple Run also notified them. The rally also intended to be a plus for the local economy will be cancelled till the end of the month the organisers have said. The rally was postponed due to high security issues. We were also informed that during this rally drivers would be screened by an HIV doctor. The cost of the venue was Rs 5 lakh which also came to Rs 333000 was paid to the rally organisers says a psychiatric doctor who is also helping out the rally. One of the aims of the rally as part of the participants pointed out is to draft a list of blessings on the people who are HIV positive. Mental health has been a bigger issue in India in recent decades than HIV. A Gallup-Congressino poll conducted in January 2019 on HIV treatment in India suggests that almost 80000 people underwent a completed HIV test in India in 2019.

Around 200 participants are HIV positive and they are set to be inducted into a three-day public event in the city that will culminate in them paying homage to those they have met who have been infected.