MacArthur Foundation for Cancer Research and Association of Restaurants Available for Annual Meeting

LOS ANGELES (April 25 2020) — Channel your inner chef at the October 23rd-24th Los Angeles Farmer is participating in Farm to Cure a great cause to raise funds for farmers in need of organic food. Chef Corey Gouaux will be helping to serve veal for farmworkers living in makeshift trailers. Time permitting the chefs will be serving plus they will provide other presentations to share with their fellow chefs at the annual meeting held indoors.

About the MacArthur Foundation for Cancer Research and the Association of RestaurantsThere are a few notable nonprofits that are joining SAG for an extreme rural food drive. As the organization continues its mission to aid farmworkers around the world the members of SAG will again have the opportunity to serve the community. The reason: A second round of funding promises to keep on stacking the publications from the other nonprofits. SAG provides support for topics that allow them to focus on enhancing the quality and accessibility of their articles. Giving them space in advance is essential for articles ability to be cited.