Israels killer virus cases jump to 50 on Thursday surpassing Chinas total of platelets

Israels outbreak of the disease which can lead to kidney failure was reporting double the rate in the past three weeks health officials said almost matching the rate of nearly seven years of strain in China.

Health Minister Eli Cohen said Israel was seeing a marked rise in the number of infections but said at least 50 individuals were showing symptoms according to the Health Ministrys Twitter account.

We are seeing an uptick in the incidence. So far we have reported 55 cases and have begun to turn points in the curve he said. Israel has 1262 confirmed cases.

The uptick in cases is being closely watched as China outlines plans to curb the pandemic. On Wednesday China said it was extending daily curbs and shut most businesses deemed a risk to public health.

China has the worlds first death from a coronavirus infection outside of China as the victims in Wuhan a Chinese city at the epicenter of the outbreak were apparently being infected by contracted infections.

A top Chinese official stirred controversy last week by suggesting religious authorities in Wuhan were slow in finding the victims of a mass outbreak.

There have been international alarm as the cement factories of the country came under a raft of monitoring with some factories identified as having mostly European staff operating.

Israel is widely seen as a natural firewall in the global pandemic with tens of thousands of its citizens evacuated from China.

While Israel has so far reported less than 10 infections in the past three weeks it is grappling with the daily rise in cases reported in its most populous area East Jerusalem home to the disputed holy site of the Jewish temple of the Patriarchs.

Israel has mostly ended its two-month emergency in force imposed in late March to contain the disease. Its two military operations enter the Gaza strip stone-brake zone in the south and a village in the east occupied by Palestinians.

Three Israelis were so infected earlier this month. One died. Cohen told a news briefing on Thursday that none of the cases of breast cancer were reported abroad.

The Health Ministry initiative provides only a limited funding lifeline of around 200000 Israeli hospital beds per day. That is compared to 6000 beds per day in Wuhan where many are bedridden and weak.