Ireland expects to receive treatment signatures for COVID-19 vaccine by summer

Ireland expects to receive the first treatment to be needed to effectively treat sick COVID-19 patients the countrys pharmacists have said.

CNSVS Health which manages pharmacists treatments said it will coordinate immunotherapy with Covaxine the international programme co-led by the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently the treatment for COVID-19 is administering antibiotics directly to the lungs of patients which means it has limited potential for prevention or treatment.

The majority of COVID-19 patients in hospital have been treated with anti-viral drugs for longer than that indicated by current clinical guidelines with the sprays employed in 90 of the cases. However immunotherapy may not work for some patients and some hospitals have avoided administering it for fear of donor shortages which could be experienced if it is introduced earlier.

The British pharmacists said on Tuesday that they hoped for major progress in the treatment during restarts and prior clinical trials after ordering 50 million treatment signatures to make up for the fact that the current level of care delivery is only marginally improving.

As pharmaceuticals are facing shortages a substantial part of the pharmaceutical supply chain is expected to be affected and it is unclear where and how urgent treatments are needed the pharmacists said.