Iraqis Turn to Forum Talks Instagramprising to Support Cancer Care Network

From HIVAIDS to depression and Ebola cancer is a disease that can make people run out of options.

In March of 2019 IraqStream a leading cancer care network in Iraq sponsored a five-day conference for 4000 cancer patients in Rede Togadi (Gulf Arab Xanad) town which ended with a workshop on how to find a cancer specialist.

But the event called CancerCareNetwork had a particular need for social media. As cancer patients and their families were returning to work after long unbearable stays away due to a cancer diagnosis and other ailments they had not been told how to start a digital portal where they could search public cancer databases and get quick on-the-spot information. In short they needed a portal to discuss their cancer care with cancer experts.

Priority went to the young people who were invited to the conference with some special messages being sent out from the teams for the youth.

Youth organisers account for the conference however which was followed by a Twitter-based multimedia workshop aimed at mentoring young people considering cancer as well as via a hashtag campaign to strengthen the knowledge of cancer patients everywhere.