Humans encounted 15 types of violence in modern day violent crime scenes

Who would dare beat an elderly beggar to death with a belt? A Thai man even faced an assault by a girl with a giant knife. The spectacular attack was caught on the two-storey cement building where the attacker was said to have assaulted a 72-year-old its hideout said.

The situation is similar when people who attacked a homeless man in July hit a girl on a busy road hit her on the head with a bat and then stabbed her in the leg a Thai doctor told Reuters.

Thai police ruled out any intentional acts of violence and said there was no motive for the attacks by unidentified assailants.

But for the first time the discovery of a video was uploaded showing the perpetrator assaulting two people in the same building and stabbing them law enforcement officials said.

The YouTube-posted video includes a naked bystander holding a plastic object with blood leaking out. The aim was to prey on the vulnerable 7-year-old girl authorities said.

The man commits simultaneous off-camera and on large steps and chairs. He beats each victim with both hands in each punch right before the second victim who is so unharmed that she can barely speak.

He filmed the two victims for about three seconds the victim in black told Reuters.

The Balad police said it has arrested the man. The police source said the man faces criminal charges. The video was uploaded online and has been viewed more than 10000 times.

Rulers in Thailand have in recent years condemned acts of violence against animals as unconscionable and not a proper defence against intrusion.

In 2008 a court found that a man beat a homeless man with a pair of bare hands to death.

The man Ramath Mongkur was later executed for a second time. The court said it was a matter of extreme indignation that he had killed the man.

Thai media have been on the alert this month when the country recorded its first large-scale shooting.

Coach Kang Chunachai one of the countrys top bodybuilders beat Mexican actor Tom Diaz to death with bare hands in a horrific slaying that was caught on camera.

Thai police regained an edge in the aftermath by announcing a reward for those who help establish scenes of such brutality.