Having trouble finding work? Here are some skills to consider hiring experts

Last month MyGov detailed the Top 10 reasons people considered not working:Family leave issues (54 of respondents)Finding a job in the midst of a layoff (44)Not getting a salary boost. (44)Not getting a promotion. (39)Finding a job that pays well but is not a salary boost (31)Not getting a raise. (27)Bonus payments. (26) Lack of leave (25) Picking up a sick child (22) Not getting an annual leave (36)Time running out for health and seeing how my spouse and I are doing. (35) Length of time off work caused by sickness or visit with a loved one (41). For the numbers check out the MyGov interactive: locustchart.

The report has data on more than 1 million employees in 250 companies. Looking at the factors relating to job insecurity it found that 37 of respondents had feeling anxious or stressed about not being able to find workOB:6 months ago8 months ago10 months ago11 months ago15 months ago20 months ago22 months ago32 months ago40 months ago56 months ago79 months ago170 months ago