Georgia visitor dies at Ground Zero of viral outbreak

(Reuters Health) – A nursing home resident is dead and 84 others have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and have been hospitalized authorities said on Wednesday as other deaths have also been reported outside China.

Zanzibar which has been especially hard hit by the outbreak of the coronavirus has reported no deaths.

Authorities in the central African country released a statement saying 42 Giuseppe Caceres the nursing home resident who died was confirmed connected to a case of the coronavirus in Ankleshwar the western city where the facility is based.

The death occurred shortly after 112 people belonging to a religious congregation were confirmed to have been infected with the virus government broadcaster TV showed.

Caceres was the ninth caretaker of a sprawling house of 44 children that residents say was overrun in recent years by dozens of people some escaping from fenced-off compound where angry residents clashed with a healthcare staff unit trying to reach them. The facility had apparently become overrun by the virus.

Authorities believe several of the people were infected in the house have already succumbed to the coronavirus.

In a statement issued late on Tuesday the health ministry said a case had been recorded of the coronavirus in Ankleshwar. It declined to say anything more about the cause of death.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a lengthy message in a tweet enjoining people in Ankleshwar from leaving the city and urging them to take appropriate precautions: Please keep in mind our current situation is an international mess. The clock is ticking down.