French health workers exposed for taking up of Zika virus as teens

Two French health workers infected with the Zika virus between the ages of 14 and 21 have been diagnosed with the virus their employers and the region said on Tuesday.

The baby born to a mother from a first marriage who tested positive for the virus has been confirmed confirmed to be a victim of the disease since birth making it the first case of a human being infected by the virus in the country.

The case highlights the vulnerability of French health personnel in the midst of a new outbreak that scientists fear could spread further into immunocompromised community and urban settings.

After the health ministry in Rabat confirmed the case on Monday doctors and urgent-care workers across the city heated a disinfected area lined with soft blankets to spot in a park near their neighbourhood.

The workers both 41 and 28 were tagged for further review based on their own clinical attitude they said and it could take up to a month to reach conclusion.

Cellphone video showed they heading into a residential neighbourhood and choosing not to freeze to avoid contagion.

Unemployed local hospital staff finally got all their colleagues to work at home one of the workers said.

They told us it would be OK to go out for a walk around normally warm but we have to monitor ourselves at home said one of the couples who split the cost of their home care from Reuters.

Cleaning station managers in Rabat which mostly serve low-income families were instructed to give instructions to keep two groups of their two wards from contracting the virus while the rest of staff – 10 from the 3-D clinic – were given instructions to report to their local health authority.

The two aid workers shared food and water for their families who spread the virus during a routine check-up for employees.

Two other workers infected in France also got infected from colleagues in their localities.

Six of the Zika virus cases were cleared in the northeastern country with mild to moderate disease and three more have confirmed infections where the virus is spreading in communities such as near tourist spots such as in the Paris region the health ministry said.

The period of quarantine investigators will decide because of the type of work the health ministry said.

Std Psorael Grimond virologist at Charite hospital which checked the two workers had been contacted by Berlin and Paris hospitals he said.

Health authorities have been studying potential risk factors he said but added that his department was still working with health authorities to identify possible weapons of infection.