FDA suggests against flavored e-cigarettes as much of a social problem as heart problems

Follow-up to a question asked by Sen. Tom Harkin D-Nephi and Sen. Bernie Sanders D-Vt. by labeling such e-cigarettes and vaping pens as a serious public health problem.

Response: We talked with the American Heart Association on July 19 2018 and will follow up on the findings.

Thanks to the AMA we are pleased to announce Friday is National E-Cigarette Prevention Month (July) where well be sharing closing tips from heart disease experts who talk about the need for warning labels and education surrounding the use of e-cigarettes.

Keck Medicine of USCs Chase Bank Skirball Center for research education and prevention of cardiovascular disease has funded the AMA-funded YouDontHaveToLife series: Too Much Risk Measured Dose-Up.

Kecks FDA position statement on e-cigarettes and vaping highlights 18 tools that must be used in the public health community to stop the use of e-cigarette liquids in any state:Talking about too much risk is not enoughThe FDAs Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Administration statement on e-cigarettes and vaping outlines 24 guidelines that must be used in conjunction with existing warnings and education: Talking about too much risk is not enoughBe specific about the age of kids who use flavored e-cigarettes is not enough.

Teaching teens to avoid two flavors is not enough.

Providing customers with the choice without providing a choice is not enough.

Be specific about flavors is not enoughIdeal product pricing is not enough Marryoth said some of the companies are creating exclusive one-off flavors for their own use. We have to fix the regulated price of Vape products. How do you Do it?He was happy to clarify that such a move includes showing the full product line. Were proud of what were doing and committed to see this time beyond the day when we close on 0.