Exercise Really Does Help You Lose Weight

A new study has found that even when you have a strict diet exercise does stop a person from gaining weight. It found that people training in calorie-restricted environments were 30 more likely to lose consistent body weight than their counterparts who engage in more moderate intermittentintermittent lifestyle.

According to the researchers its important to note that this study only focused on calorie-restricted diets. Its common for people to assume that the junk food comes first since it gives the calorie-restricted diets practicality for their diet to be suboptimal or less effective.

Why It Works:This study was led by Amanda Stott from the University of Surrey who said Body weight is important for physical healthit helps us maintain our muscle mass and enables efficient fat burning. It has also been shown that increasing protein intake improves body composition which in turn benefits our metabolic health. Protein however is often suboptimal in starvation andor intermittent diets.

International comparisons of height-for-age serum insulin results protein intake and body composition in an obese calorie-restricted diet were used in this study. co-led by Dr. Amanda Stott University of Surreys Public Health in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Department of Medicine at the University of Surrey.

The research team then analysed data from over 500 UK Biobank volunteers (359 men and 148 women) who were enrolled into a regularly funded randomized controlled trial. The sample was comprised of approximately 150 participants who were either on an intermittent or strict calorie-restricted diet. Compared to their usual patterns they were chosen because there was barely any difference in body composition.

Body Composition in Calories-Ruled Diet:The weighted average summary data of physical activity among those on the restricted diets were as follows