ESC widely criticized for decision to reject papers that criticised Modi

The Indian Council of Medical Writers (ICM) broad criticised the decision of the Central Drugs Controller to reject papers recently made by the Glasgow Graduate School of Public Health (GlasGSPH) for critical articles on the Prime Ministers tone regarding Afghanistan and China voicing concern.

The ICM which has a 9-member executive board accountable to the Prime Minister last month decided to reject papers published by three writers from Scotland who are professors at Glasgow University.

Staff at ICRM described the decision outrageous causing severe embarrassment to the government.

We condemn the Central Drugs Controller in rejecting an earlier application by the ICM to allow the group to reject the submission of a single applicant they said in a statement.

GlasGSPH supporters had submitted a complaint to the Central Drugs Controller alleging misaligned standards in allowing the group to include these papers.

It said the rejection would be made despite a recommendation of ICM senior officials.

The ICMs grievance was dismissed by the allegation that the decision was politically motivated.

The ICRM was established in 2012 amid protests by anti-India sentiment against Indias Prime Minister Amit Shah.

Of the 47-members only six have been sacked as a result.

Officials said ICM officials had visited the offices of the Glasgow Graduate School of Public Health and refused to allow them to meet the five editors of the newspaper.