Coronavirus breakthrough: Chinese exports to the US UK up over 1

An international collaboration between two Chinese airlines will boost the amount of goods they have to move to the United States and Britain from northern Italy.

Xi Jinpings first trip abroad as Communist Party boss will take place from Sept. 24 to 25 2020 when Xi will attend a meeting on the revival of the local economy at the Shanghai Municipal Center in China.

He will then fly to the United States and Britain for talks during the Annual Meeting of the Combined Conference of the Board of Trade in China said Li Wenliang vice-president of the Peoples Daily flight transport bureau published on the social media platform of the Shanghai Municipal Center.

The total number of passengers from China who have been flown for this purpose up to the end of June will reach 72000.

China has set up 22 international airports for the next indefinite holiday period including airports in southern China as well as Beijing Shanghai and nearby Tianjin.