China says days under limits should be increased to reach 15 million: Reuters trackership

China has planned days under a five-day average of 10 million people under a ceiling of 16 million as soon as possible Gabriel Schaeffer head of a task force for that countrys greenhouse gas emissions said.

We cannot delay: We need to highly increase the level of every activity starting from this day he said in a daily interview.

The daily deficit in new coronavirus infections in China was similar to the loss of hospital beds in neighboring Europe when compared with a month ago he said.

With 8775 confirmed cases in China the death toll is at 595 with 141 of the fatalities in Guangdong provinces including the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan province.

The capital of Guangdong said it would bring forward the date of restaurants pubs and markets opening from Oct. 31 until Nov. 6. The health committee of the city of 11 million will also set date and time when public events will be held Guangdong media reported.

The number of cases in the city of Wuhan has doubled in a month prompting authorities to revise guidelines for the city and impose a evening curfew for the rest of the country.

Gabriel Schaeffer who heads the task force for Chinas greenhouse gas emissions said businesses – which must stop on weekends and early holidays – could open on Monday as planned. Everywhere else they must separate.

Most of the buildings of the big cities already opened he said. That will not change. That will remain the same.