Better jobs harder drugs for more: report

The United States would benefit from an end to trade sanctions against Chinese companies which are hurting profits by combating the black market a new report from an international task force on human rights has found.

The findings include proposals to compensate companies to contain the effects of trade restrictions but and onto improve healthcare and public services in the United States.

The report a white paper from the U. S. task force on human rights in China says that while the United States has targeted the dark side of Chinas economy it is time for the light to come on.

We are open to deal with any measures taken by the U. S. government said Bryce Dixon an expert in human rights law and international relations at Cornell University who co-authored the paper.

However it is clear that we have been over-charging even with China. We need to drop that 0. 1 percent from its current level he said in an interview.

The task force which also includes people from Canada France Germany and the United States recommends that governments should use their emergency powers to clarify or weaken trade restrictions in place to prevent it being ineffective.

Trump who will deliver a speech at his second daily news conference on Saturday has accused Beijing of trying to subvert a U. S.-led military mission in its epicenter of Wuhan which it controls with an air force of around 14500.

China says the data and analysis it has provided for the task force were executed by an independent human rights commission which it said was merely authorized by the Chinese central government in carrying out the data collection.

China has also argued that the data did not include information relating to U. S. inspections of Wuhan sites concluding that it was not privy to data being used by the U. S. government.