Back in stores some allergists are skeptical of Third World travel options

In Indonesia grass-roots activists on Tuesday warned that the well-publicised relocation of thousands of thousands of people to the Cultural Accommodation Routes (CARTs) in the Third World could shake the tentative assumptions that come with travel abroad.

More than two months after the first migrants and refugees successfully crossed Chinas mountainous border into Thailand activists have warned that it is too soon for tourists to contemplate making the journey.

Two Indonesian activists said they were carrying out a pop-up simulation for potential attraction.

It is difficult to be clear about our message as all Indonesians just want to make their own choice said Ordemita Issi one of the activists readying a red shirt in a Kabukicho supermarket adding that the presentation will show the road to flying in tourists.

The demonstrators will also urge other Indonesians to sign up announcing the first trip taken by tourists with a nominal price of 500 rupiah (about 230) for a two-week stay.

Humanitarian organizations have drawn calls for travellers from the Southeast Asian nation to head to the Middle East so it can join an extensive visa-waiting scheme but the campaign has not travelled to volunteer in the region.

For establishment of the program travel handlers will contact residents of Indonesias EXANA province to arrange mini-churches for a 300-person capacity.

A total of 1391 people were logged on the program and most were from China the missionaries said.

China has rejected the idea as well as having restricted entry for its citizens and residents with health officials urging caution to prevent the spread of the disease.

On Tuesday citizens travelling from China at overseas or returning from the Maldives expressed their concerns over the lack of political will to set up government institutions in their native land.

With the number of confirmed cases reported at nearly 80 nationwide the number of cases in Jakarta Bali and other regions have jumped during the two-week period with at least eight foreign tourists confirmed infected authorities have said.