American Gout Patient Is the latest to try vaping treatment raising concerns about safety

A 19-year-old male patient recently switched to vaping cannabis for pain relief and now California reports another case of accidental exposure.

Ceres Therapeutics reported the case to the FDA in 2013 and appealed to nonsedentary patients to also try vaping e-cigs the company said in a statement.

This is the first case of accidental exposure of a patient to the vapor products of Ceres Therapeutics one of the first companies to market an EpidioID vaporizer and a long-distance medical device to treat gastric cancer without medical necessity the FDA said.

According to the statement the patient and his family were both told to stop vaping and go hunting for medical marijuana products. A report published in The New York Times said that at least 14 users have subsequently recalled symptoms of gout after vaping according to CNN. Gout is a common and often painful gastrointestinal disorder that can weaken or develop into life-threatening conditions such as heart failure stroke and esophagus cancer. Cannabis is prescribed to treat some instances of this condition.

A 2015 study of 34 patients on Ceres medicines list of cancer patients reported numerous cases of cancer with a high rate of occurrence in the last year.

Our experience in treating enough people reporting such a high number of codes of high frequency cancers underscores the need to study the harms of cannabis and formulate effective medical and industry-approved technologies to minimize them the FDA said in an FDA announcement on its website.

The company said it contacted the FDA and asked it to take down such orders at the end of February. Ceres will likely file a lawsuit if the FDA doesnt.