AI to Help Hospital Tracking of Opioids and COVID-19

LabCorp artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help improve the accuracy of drugs and other medicines dispensed in facility that will enable further monitoring of IVF patients. The company joins a growing cadre of AI-based platforms that also facilitate patient data analysis in specialty collections. In a new report in EClind LabCorp explains how its AI platform can deliver enhanced data mining and monitoring for the clinical taste of your staff that will show how the new medications that have been prescribed to a patient are being absorbed into the kidney.

We are changing the way we think about how patients use drugs and interventional medicine. Our system will be less invasive and allow physicians to more easily monitor the dosage of their patients. When evaluating and administeringIVF doctors may use a blood test to measure the amount of the drug in their blood and also explore ways to target specific organs or organs as a way to benefit the patient said Matthew Rosenberg President and CEO of LabCorp. An important aspect is that patients will benefit from providing their data and their decisions will continue to be guided by the doctors understanding of what is best for them. Thus I understand how its implementation will enhance the ability of patients to return to a routine.