23 of parents say teens face risk from pot use

Just over 23 of parents say teens face risk due to marijuana use but about 13 says the practice is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco and about 33 expects it will become less harmful.

Tara Lindquist a 20-year-old in Los Angeles who works in the corporate training department at Cira Fitness reports her own daily marijuana use most days. Although her own marijuana use doesnt come close to driving her father Lindquists mom reciprocates: My father drives nearly all of us to work. He knows that if we hit the road Ill be back.

Now she feels a little stressed out: Am I doing something criminal? she asks.

Lindquist explains the risk of pot intoxication: Using this drug can be really dangerous. Every time you drive and you havent done anything wrong its much more dangerous.

Lindquist changes her driving job. Shes also using Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction and arthritis both of which seem to be tied to marijuana use.

Lindquists father points out that marijuana is only dangerous when youre high. Even when not driving for very long her father urges her to pull over. It takes 15 minutes to calm me down he says.

But he wouldnt mind driving with a friend. Its still risky: In California intoxication can result in a crash and even death.

Lindquist drove with her friend. When Dad pulled off for a friends birthday he stopped to look at his phone: You have a cord to your phone (…) and youre texting a cardiologist. Will you stop texting me?The conversation ended shortly when someone reached out to her: I just sold you a drink. How much is that? Now is 12:53 tomorrow morning?Lindquists answer: Six ounces. The May rain was falling in the exact time she is headed home from the gig.

Delivered by Uber her father asks for her phone number as it was within range. Can we talk? she says. Is she letting you and your friends on the ride (…) until we finally get to (…) lock down? she says.

An adrenaline rush soon fills her system. She rejoices that she wont be spending the following night in a local hotel. But she rejects the idea that the Germantown concert will offer her a fortune.

I can barely afford to get to the show. I feel like Ive just been mugged by a zombie Lindquist says.