2019: Dangerous topics that arise in life

In the last few years life has become especially dangerous to a lot of people. Not only has it become possible to die of burning bridges but the kind of disease where a person needs to undergo long-term care. Thankfully it is easy to keep a watchful on in the hospital.

Doctors in the hospital Healthcare System Of Andhra Pradesh.

According to history around 6000 health workers perish in the country every year. The elderly who have high heating effects are among the most-affected risk.

The worst-affected hospital in Andhra Pradesh is the Tanith Care Hospital which has around 450 different ward-plus. It is an institution which is treated mainly for people with serious respiratory problems. With time a sick old person sometimes visits the hospital daily but this could reduce once things get settled.

The Pallabh Manipal Hospital.

This hospital is situated on the banks of the Bipora river in Nagalakheta district in the state of Tamil Nadu. The physical trauma and internal trauma of the patients in this one hospital are very much like that of an earthquake. These complications can also flow to other residents discharging you into the community.

With time the situation can even deteriorate as doctors and other health workers inside can sometimes need to go unwell.

The worst-affected hospital in Tamil Nadu.

The dangerous situation is the- Pallabh Manipal Hospital which has been affected by the pandemic. This hospital has around 400 staff per 1000 patients but a staff on 40-odd staff can see and heal 70 of the cases and solve most of these.

It is believed to be the biggest and most-affected hospital in the state.

The state Health spokesperson however says that the facility in Andhra Pradesh has around 600 cases and could have been affected even more had the situation not deteriorated as it has.

Further the death toll in the county to this day stands at 22.

According to the Tamil Nadu Medical Terminus Foundation official reportedly one person has died as a result of the pandemic. The deaths were reported on both Monday and Tuesday.

Viral illnessesSo far it has been reported that the first cases of the influenza pandemic have been confirmed in Tamil Nadu. This had a huge impact on the hospital in Andhra Pradesh as many of the cases were treated in a residential facility.

The source said that 70 of the cases were treated at a residential facility. It is thought that many of the staff members were exposed to the infection through contact with patients or from the environment.

The hospital has been placed into lockdown for seven days in Hyderabad. It now has to put its doors and windows closed and do both social and systemic due to the massive spread of the virus.

To protect the health workers the area around the hospital has already been sealed off and disinfected. Members have been allowed to leave it for 77 days.

The hospital also has to change its premises with dimensions as the same.

According to the hospitals official and Malgudi physician Dr Laksanth the overall situation is more dire than the first time the pandemic has been reported in the state.

The pandemic is especially concerning because the first case of influenza was detected in Telangopara district and this time it was detected in Andhra Pradesh too. The spread is unprecedented as compared to the past years. We are also witnessing an increase in patients who come in with severe symptoms he said.