Machine Learning Predicts if an Organ Transplanta Receives Enough Blood to Treat a Patient

The goal of treatment of organ donation is both to prolong life of critically ill patients and to improve quality of life for those who give it. Although organ donation has been in widespread use for decades, there is no problem finding a marrow that is suitable for which to give.

Now, Dr Lombardi’s group has identified, for the first time, the type of cell organs the patient would like transplanted into. In Dr Lombardi’s hands, the heart, lung, kidneys, and liver are placed into the leg. If a patient receives a transplant donor card:The kidney function, of a donor will be very high. But, an organ heart, lung or liver transplant can be performed without any harm. It is the difference between life and death.”Graft recipients need for life. On the one hand, we have to thank those donors for the life. On the other hand almost all organs must be transplanted. So we can reunite the organs, when possible. But there are cases when we only provide a full donor life, if this is the case, which is quite rare, if the donor cells are not mature enough. Our team is working on this front constantly. In other words, we use additional organs in this respect. Other organs will be available to us in the future only, if the need for organ transplant is extremely rich. Otherwise, they will be from previous donor organs,” said Dr Lombardi.

In order to optimize the quality of life, organ donation is not only complicated but on top of this there are also cases of patient mortality, shorter life span and many difficult medical problems.

“In the case of organ donation, one needs to understand that the organ donor is not the only important contributor but that the donors contributions go hand in hand. The organs are not only important for the patients but for the recipients themselves and the medical staff, too. The patients will also benefit in that they will not only have a healthy body, but also the organ donor and also the transplanted one in the future. And, as the doctor does, the patient must also be cared for until the point life and overall life can pass in health, to which patients and the medical personnel are completely committed,” said Dr Lombardi.